(voiced by Julissa Aguirre) is a First-level Nightmaren and the primary protagonist of the series. NiGHTS is a playful, kind, and free spirited creature who dwells in the Night Dimension. Although NiGHTS was created by Wizeman, NiGHTS didn't agree with Wizeman's plans to take over Nightopia so she rebelled. Reala and NiGHTS are equals in their acrobatic fighting abilities and opposites in their personalities making them perfect rivals. NiGHTS has the ability to dualize with whoever frees her from the Ideya confinement. After rebelling against Wizeman in NiGHTS into Dreams, NiGHTS is imprisoned in an Ideya Palace as punishment. The only way it can be freed from the prison by either Claris or Elliot, who possess the red Ideya of courage, merge with it. NiGHTS' freedom is only temporary, making it harder for NiGHTS and the dreamer to collect their stolen Ideya. Should their time run out, NiGHTS will be imprisoned back in the Ideya Palace until another Ideya is brought back for its release. Created along with Reala to be Wizeman's right hand, NiGHTS was once obedient towards her creator. However, NiGHTS later rebelled and was confined in a magic cage in Nightopia as punishment. Only Visitors with Red Ideya can release NiGHTS from imprisonment.

The original designers of NiGHTS wanted NiGHTS to appeal to a wider audience and saw gender would hold their new character back. During an interview, Takashi Iizuka stated, "NiGHTS is neutral, and therefore has no gender. The impressions of the character with regards to gender are totally up to the player." In Nights: Journey of Dreams NiGHTS is referred to as a male, but but is clearly voiced by a woman, causing confusion amongst fans. Also, NiGHTS appears more feminine in Journey of Dreams than in the original game, with paler skin and bigger eyelashes. NiGHTS personality is somewhat that of a child. While it can be playful and mildly rude in the proper situations, NiGHTS also has the ability to switch to serious in a heartbeat. NiGHTS is very compassionate towards visitors even going as far as to put personal feelings aside. For example, in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams' Sky Concert stage when NiGHTS is asked by Helen to fly up and try it NiGHTS replied "No thanks. I'll pass.", but NiGHTS had a change of heart upon seeing how important it was to her.

NiGHTS is also very merciful. For instance after beating Reala in the Delight City stage, upon noticing that Reala seemed hurt, NiGHTS asked if he was alright only to be captured. In the final stage NIGHTS made the ultimate sacrifice thereupon proving how much NiGHTS disliked Wizeman. In the cinema before the fight against Wizeman (extended version), after dualizing with Helen and Will, Wizeman says "You cannot defeat me! I created Nightmare! It can't exist without me! If you destroy me, you destroy yourself as well!" NiGHTS than states that she had known what she was doing all along and says, "It's time to end this". Will and Helen separated from NIGHTS because they didn't want her to disappear forever but NIGHTS convinced them by saying "We have to keep your dreams safe." They dualize and Wizeman is defeated. NIGHTS gives a final bow before fading away into white light. It is unclear whether or not NIGHTS "disappeared forever" as after the credits the child of choice is seen sleeping in their bed and then NiGHTS lands on the clock tower, invisible flute in hand. As previously stated it is unclear whether this is NIGHTS reappearing or a memorial in her honor.

Reala Edit

(pronounced Ree-Ah-Lah) (voiced by Casey Robertson) is a First-level Nightmaren and one of the primary antagonists of the series. Created along with NiGHTS to be Wizeman's right hand, Realais

obedient towards his creator and leads the Nightmaren army. Reala and NiGHTS are suggested as siblings, both with equal flying and acrobatic skills. In contrast to NiGHTS' kind and playful personality, Reala is cruel and insidious. Due to their equal skills and opposing personalities, NiGHTS and Reala are strong rivals. Defaulted as the boss for Elliot's Stick Canyon in Dream, Reala was gifted with one of the very few spoken lines in the game. After a zoom in of him on his throne, he stands, pointing at NiGHTS while declaring "There is no NiGHTS!" before dashing after you. Unlike in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, his boss battle is simply to paraloop him three times in order to defeat him, after which you don't see him again. Defeating Reala unlocks a two player option in the Sega Saturn NiGHTS into Dreams but in the remake for the PlayStation 2 it was taken out In NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, Reala wears a Persona mask given by Wizeman to represent his loyalty to his master. He was given a British accent in Journey of Dreams to fit the style of the game. After Will enters Nightopia and meets the Nightopians, they leave in fear for Reala is behind Will and Owl. He orders the Nightmarens to capture NiGHTS and will join them again shortly. Later, he finds Will all alone, which is what he was waiting for. NiGHTS later appears, but is too late, as Will's fate is in Reala's hands. After letting go of him, Reala imprisons NiGHTS and teleports Will into Helen's dream, Crystal Castle. Later, after a second boss defeated, Wizeman decides to let Cerberus take care of NiGHTS, much to Reala's shock. Later, he sees NiGHTS all alone playing his invisible instrument. He tells NiGHTS that he wishes to bring him back to Wizeman to pay for his disobedience and pay a visit to his sibling and fellow Nightmaren, much to Will's dismay, who was hearing this from behind a bush. They then fought each other, but Reala lost. However, Reala imprisons NiGHTS and reveals that Cerberus is on it's way, much to NiGHTS' and Owl's shock. He then retreats to recover from the battle. Reala first appears after the tutorial, grabbing NiGHTS by the throat and holding his sibling up against the newly created dream door. After a brief conversation, Reala imprisons NiGHTS in a cage in Aqua Garden. He later appears when Helen first enters Memory Forest, revealing NiGHTS to be a Nightmaren and manipulates Helen into believing NiGHTS betrayed her before sending her away and imprisoning NiGHTS again.